Easily apply for IE Code Registration via our convenient online platform

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Easily apply for IEC Code Registration via our convenient online platform

Apply for online IEC Registration with us! It is a mandatory requirement for all Indian companies engaged in or intending to expand through import and export operations. The IEC Code, a compulsory 10-digit unique license, is issued by The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) under the Department of Commerce in India, specifically for businesses involved in import-export transactions within the Indian Territory.

Overview of Online IEC Registration in India:

Initiate your import/export business in India by obtaining iec registration, a prerequisite for companies looking to engage in international trade. This 10-digit unique license, mandated by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) under the Department of Commerce, is essential for businesses involved in import-export activities within Indian territory.

IEC, or Import Export Code, is vital for Indian companies seeking to expand their business through international trade. Issued by DGFT, this unique ten-digit code regulates and manages foreign trade operations in India, facilitating seamless import and export activities.

To engage in import and export operations in India, IEC registration is imperative, allowing businesses to conduct foreign trade legally. As per the Reserve Bank of India, companies benefit from government schemes by obtaining IEC code registration, which is mandatory for all traders.

In today's competitive landscape, businesses strive to extend their operations globally. IEC registration for individuals or online IEC registration in India is a one-time process, though annual electronic updates are required.

Benefits of Online IEC Registration in India:

  1. Business Expansion:

   - IEC facilitates global market access, enabling businesses to export products internationally and build brand recognition.

  1. Availing Benefits:

   - Businesses enjoy advantages provided by the Export Promotion Council, DGFT, and Customs based on IEC registration.

  1. No Return Filing:

   - Once granted, IEC registration requires no return filing, simplifying compliance procedures for exporters.

  1. Hassle-Free Procedure:

   - Obtaining IEC from DGFT is straightforward and completed within 0-15 days without additional import or export documents.

  1. Valid for Lifetime:

   - IEC registration benefits persist for a lifetime without renewal hassles, serving as government-authorized proof.

Necessity of IEC Registration in India:

- Mandatory for Imports/Exports:

   - IEC registration is essential for businesses importing and exporting goods internationally.

- Customs Clearance:

   - Customs authorities require an IEC number for shipment clearance, ensuring legal trade practices.

- Bank Transactions:

   - Banks mandate IEC registration code for foreign transactions, facilitating secure financial dealings.

- Exporter Payments:

   - IEC registration is required for exporters receiving payments in foreign currency to their bank accounts.

- Government Recognition:

   - Foreign governments acknowledge traders based on the IEC code application process, establishing government-authorized identity.


IEC Registration in Indian companies venturing into or expanding through import and export operations. Issued by the DGFT, this 10-digit unique license facilitates seamless international trade within the Indian Territory. The process, essential for legal foreign trade, provides businesses with benefits, including global market access, simplified compliance, and a lifetime-valid government-authorized proof. Recognizing the necessity of IEC Registration for customs clearance, bank transactions, and government recognition, it positions businesses to thrive in the competitive global landscape. Apply for IEC Code Registration online to unlock these advantages and propel your business into international commerce.

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