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Professional Tax Registration in India

Employers and individuals in any trade or profession must pay Professional tax Registration. A professional tax registration certificate must be obtained by that entity. The state gets money from the Professional Tax. Enrollment and tax registration are currently Easy to use, reasonably priced, and accessible with Kanakkupillai.

In India, all salaried individuals are required to register for professional tax registration; however, several states, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana, are free from this tax. All categories of employed professionals, including attorneys, doctors, and chartered accountants, are subject to this tax. It is enforced based on the person's business, occupation, or employment. Business owners, independent contractors, and others are actually also responsible for paying this P tax registration when their income exceeds the threshold. Not all states have the same tax rates, and the most amount of professional income tax that can be levied annually is Rs. 2,500.

Who Pays Professional Tax in India?

Self-employed people engaged in any type of company, trade, or profession will fall under the professional tax registration category and will be legally obligated to pay professional tax to the state government. The Commercial Taxes Department is responsible for collecting this tax, and each state has a different tax slab. The tax is computed using the professionals' yearly taxable income, and it can be paid both annually and monthly. A self-employed person must get the certificate of enrollment in the prescribed format from the authorized authorities.

Every month, a wage worker or salaried individual's paycheck is withheld to cover professional tax. Without the registration certificate from the relevant authority, an employer is unable to deposit the amount withheld.

Benefits of Professional Tax Registration Online in India

Following are the reasonable factors why should one never miss professional tax registration:

  • In India, it is mandatory for individuals to pay professional tax registration fees online. Failure to do so may result in penalties or legal issues. Employers and self-employed individuals are also required to pay professional tax within the prescribed time frame, based on the rates of wages set by their respective states.
  • Professional taxation is straightforward and simple to follow. Professional tax rules and regulations impose little limits, and registration is relatively easy with basic monthly or annual compliances.
  • Tax deductions for professional taxes already paid may be claimed.
  • Since professional taxation is a state tax, it is the responsibility of local tax authorities to collect professional tax from professional fees, business income, and pay.

Professional Tax Applicability

The Professional tax is applicable to the following class of individuals in states where they are working:

  • HUF
  • Individual
  • One person Company/Private/Public
  • Co-operative Society
  • Body of Individuals
  • Association of Person

Professional Tax Payment

The state's Commercial Tax Department deducts professional tax registration at a slab rate that is predetermined, either monthly or yearly. Self-employed persons have the option to pay professional tax directly online, but employers must withhold professional tax from their employees' paychecks and remit it to the relevant state government. The self-employed person must get the Certificate of Enrollment from the state's tax department.

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