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True Choice Medical Clinics opened in 2000, with the mission of offering women in our community a different kind of clinic. Since that time, our community-based programs and services have helped over 8,000 women and men with a variety of medical and educational services. These include no-cost medical services such as pregnancy & STI testing, limited ultrasounds, pelvic exams, and cervical cancer screenings. We provide educational and evidence-based support programs for men and women, as well as reproductive grief counseling (for women AND men).

Our mission is to provide individuals with evidence-based reproductive healthcare and educational services in a respectful environment.

We offer no-cost, early pregnancy medical services, compassionate consultation, and several core programs specifically designed for women dealing with an unexpected unwanted pregnancy.

True Choice is designed to be a place where women (and men) can openly discuss their concerns in a safe environment. We believe in evidence-based information.



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7340 Miramar Rd #205 San Diego, CA 92126
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