Documents required for Professional Tax Registration in India

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Documents required for Professional Tax Registration in India ?

Businesses and professionals in India are required to register for professional tax registration (PT), a state-level tax. Nonetheless, the following is a broad list of the paperwork typically needed for professional tax registration in India:

  1. Application Form: In order to register for professional taxation, you must complete the required application form. The form is often available on the relevant State Tax department's official website.
  2. Address Proof: - Documentation proving the business or professional's address, like a property tax receipt, rent agreement, or utility bill.
  3. Identity Proof: - Documents proving the owner, partners, or directors' identities, such as a driver's license, passport, voter ID, Aadhar card, or PAN card.
  4. PAN Card: The business's Permanent Account Number (PAN) card.
  5. Registration Certificate: Depending on the type of business, this could be the partnership deed in the case of a partnership or the certificate of formation in the case of a company.
  6. Business Entity Proof: Documentation proving the company's legal existence, such as the articles of association (AOA) and memorandum of association (MOA) for corporations.
  7. Bank Account Information: - A voided check or bank statement to confirm the business's or individual's bank account information.
  8. Employee Information: - Names, addresses, and pay information for each employee (this may be necessary to determine the professional tax liability).
  9. Salary and Payroll Records: These are important as professional taxes are frequently determined by an employee's income or salary.
  10. Registration price: - The required registration price must be paid. The state and the company turnover may have an impact on the charge amount.
  11. Registration Certificate: - The relevant State Tax agency will provide a Professional Tax Registration Certificate following the processing and approval of the application.

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